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Post by Spooky on Thu Apr 02, 2015 2:01 pm

Dear friends and colleagues,

I reached two conclusions regarding me running a forum campagin:
A. I don't have any inspiration for new plots.
B. Playing in Serena in a written medium might prove to be productive. It would enable us to produce texts that we are happy with, which are properly phrased, and that convey our intentions in a poetic way.

However, as we discussed, I am aware this might not be the best campaign to run online. Therefore I opened this test run thread. In this thread, we are going to play a filler scene to find out if it works.

I am now setting the scene. You will react to it, and we're going to play and see how it goes. Feel free to invent details and facts about the world etc' in order to support anything you say.

We are playing 3465 years before the actual campaign. You are two ancient Vayone brothers. Tsiven, you are the current Mind, Vayone Nua-Nai one of your own ancestors. Shturmi, you are his Champion (5 stars general) and dear friend, Yuronai Terev-Shal , descendant of the Yuronai clan. Your Eal has gone AWOL for centuries. Nobody knows his whereabouts. Your clan dissolved following his disappearance, and your family was adopted by Nua-Nai's grandfather. You serve him ever since.
Remember, we are playing before the modern age. There are still Eels, and technology is medieval.
We are on the Peak of Eternal Rest, the tallest mountain in the Ridge of the Voiceless Sentinel who Observes. On this mountain an enormous battle ensued between your army and the army of Siizaro Tal-Zeth, the Serpent of No Particular Spirit. He is a renegade warlord who renounced his clan and Eel, and subsequently his ancestral origins. As an antagonist of the Eels, he was named Serpent. As relinquisher of his own heritage, he was declared of No Particular Spirit.
He gathered a sizable army comprised of outlaws, deserters and outcasts, and declared war on Vayone, claiming they have no right to rule the Vayone Peninsula. He posed a threat for innocent villages and towns under Vayone protection for one and a half spins of your planet, but finally, in this battle, you managed to subdue him. You both are standing in front of the kneeling renegade. His sword is lying in front of him and he holds his serpent-headed helmet in one hand. His eyes are downcast and he is breathing heavily. The remnants of his army are kindling their death pyres behind him, incinerating their casualties. Spots of orange light spring to life behind Tal-Zeth, and he says:
"O mighty Mind of Vayone. I am lying defeated in front of you and your Champion. Have we not caused each other enough grief? You have proven your greatness over the wretch that I am; for the sake of my men, I implore: spare me. For imagine the fate that would befall my soldiers after my death. They would descend to madness, flee to the woods, and you shall never hear the end of their raids and robberies. I am the only man to whom they would heed. Spare me, and I shall lead them away from your land, and you will never hear of the Serpent again."

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