Parallax | A Skyrim Moded Adventure

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Parallax | A Skyrim Moded Adventure

Post by Shturmi on Sat Apr 25, 2015 6:18 pm

So as discussed before, I'm planning a new modded adventure in Skyrim using the Parallax fictional universe.
The main reasons I chose Parallax:
* both worlds (Parallax and Skyrim) are rich with magic (as opposed to, lets say, the Storm Isles)
* both worlds are rich with creatures (as opposed to, lets say, the Storm Isles)
* it is possible to find close enough architecture, scenery and clothing in the Skyrim vanilla version and mods (as opposed to, lets say, the Shore world or something Victorian)
* The magic can be imagined to be visually similar

~Recommendation: watch the youtube videos (other than music) at at least 1.25 speed~

Things We Can Use

1) There are a number of mods dealing with tattoos, e.g.:

Obviously, we can impose our own (online) artwork instead of the existing tattoos and get awesome Celtic symbols.
I was thinking, obviously, that the spell tomes will be replaced by tattoos (even though some of them will not actually appear on the character's skin, seeing as one might know a 100 or more spells and that would cause the character to look like a mess).

2) Different armors and weapons taken from both the vanilla version and different mods:

3) Many creatures, races, and mounts can be used for several means:

4) Magic... There are tons, literally tons, of magic related mods, so finding what we need is kind of easy:

Other ideas:
* summoning of creatures like dryads, which is really easy to find:
* summoning a warrior that looks just the character itself as the doppelganger spell from Parallax
* Blink: [03:30]
* Using replacements on the werewolf curse to change into some creature or another: [06:40]
* Many spells for slowing down time, making one faster and stronger, creating confusion all around and many others already exist in mods all over the web...
just for example, things done by Naruto fans:

5) Overall scenery and misc: we can use mods for other enviroments to construct places that fit with the Parallax world:

I believe even some vanilla natural areas and stone buildings, like bandit camps, or stone cities, will work just fine.

Climate changing mods if the climate still won't fit:

For overall better immersion and effects we can use any of about a hundred very popular graphic and UI mods out there:

Things We Need to Do

Create content. I'm going to begin modding, hopefully, during summer vacation, and it will be helpful if we'll already have a lot of material to work with.
We need to know the basic locations, the quests, characters we might meet and so on...
We also need more superficial materials like texts to replace most of Skyrim's books, small one mission quests, journal's, letters and so on...
We also need to talk about what creatures might inhabit the land and have a rough picture of what the playable landmass would look like.
A fun thing to do might be to start planning the beginning of the main quest - how the game actually starts (the alternative to Sykrim's execution interruptus, so to speak).

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Re: Parallax | A Skyrim Moded Adventure

Post by Shturmi on Thu Feb 11, 2016 11:34 pm

possible chaos:


Cool teleports:


size change:

force + time:


Idea: find a basic, stable blink spell and turn it into a shout

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Re: Parallax | A Skyrim Moded Adventure

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